No more discomfort. No more compromises. Our leak-proof underwear offers superior absorbency and a snug fit, giving you the freedom to move with confidence. We are a complete replacement for pads, tampons, liners. And our undies are pretty enough for everyday use as well. Whether you're breaking a sweat or breaking the glass ceiling, we’ve got your back.

  • Ecoflo Light

    Leak with freedom and ease with our light to moderate protection underwear, which can absorb up to 15ml or up to two tampons worth of fluids easily! The best period panties against bladder leaks and heavy menstrual discharge.

  • Ecoflo Moderate

    When your flow is at its peak, our moderate to heavy protection underwear is here to keep you confident and worry-free. It offers maximum absorbency without sacrificing comfort. Our Ecoflo heavy-flow underwear can absorb up to 25ml or up to three tampons worth of discharge.

  • Ecoflo Heavy

    Our overnight and postpartum option provides extra coverage and absorbency for those special moments when you need them most. Sleep peacefully and recover with confidence while we make sure your sheets stay dry. Our Ecoflo Maxi underwear can absorb up to 30ml or up to four tampons worth of discharge!